Adnams Sole Star

Before you switch off at the sight of this low alcohol beer from those purveyors of flavour, Adnams – please don't.

Sole Star & Fergus

With his customary flair, far-sighted head brewer Fergus has tweaked his malt recipe so that, yes, there's plenty of flavour.

By including more speciality malts than normal (it's a pricey blend), plus a dash of dry-hopping with the US Chinook and Cascade hops gives a delicious prospect.

Available in cask through Adnams pubs, if it goes well, you might see it in bottles. And what's the attraction of 2.7%? Well that's the level at which the government's 50% tax break rate comes in, so this will be cheaper on the bar too.

A win win, I'd say.