Kickstart All Beer Finder into orbit

Fascinated about beer and want to explore that bit further? Amidst the 100s of beer-related projects on Kickstarter is the one from Master Brewer, Beer Sommelier, and all-round nice guy Alex Barlow, to turn his web-based All Beer Finder into an App.

All Beer App

Now, what Alex doesn’t know about flavour and beer could probably fit on a postage stamp. We first met when he wrote our Beer & Food Matching pages for the first Imbibe Beer Supplement, but many of you might know him through his educational role or his appearances at food and drink festivals around the country.

But the reason we’re here now is Alex wants to take his seemingly limitless knowledge further, to make it available in handy App form. What sets him apart is that he’s thought through and documented his findings, analysing beers, and cross-checked with the various breweries, to provide the full context.

This all appear on But Alex is a realist. He knows his site isn’t the most modern. Hence the Kickstarter – the aim is both to update the site with funds raised, and more excitingly, to create an App for his vast database of over a 1000 beers.

So if you think you’d like to be guided by a Master Brewer through the wondrous world of beer, check out Alex’s Kickstarter project, along with his Rewards. And a tip – although it’s not stated on the Rewards details, all those pledging £10 or over will gain access to the beta version of AllBeer Finder App.


PS Alex is at @AllBeerFinder on twitter, if you want to keep in touch.