First class round the world cider ticket

This book is a delight.

Entertaining, insightful and beautiful, it’s the result of a cider odyssey by Pete Brown, until now better known for his amusing words on beer and travel, and Bill Bradshaw, arguably the world’s best cider photographer.

World's Best Cider

Already World’s Best Cider has become an indispensable part of my library. If I’m not flicking through for reference, I’m enjoying the pages for their inspiration.

All credit to the publishers for being ahead of the curve on this one. and for taking such a holistic approach. The design is striking and intelligent. The text leaps off the page, with Pete's customary wit and engaging style. And the pictures are breathtaking.

Join the dots

Until now, cider hasn't been the most connected drink. Everyone thinks they are the only ones who make it. Well that just ain't true, as Pete and Bill so ably demonstrate. Beginning with the history, the duo cater through how cider is made, introduce a new way of understanding its flavours, and take a peak at perry before giving us handy tips on tasting.

Then we’re into the core of the book (sorry, I couldn’t resist!). Beginning with Spain, and traversing the globe, we visit heartlands such as Asturias, Normandy, Herefordshire, Pacific Northwest, Canada. We meet the pioneers – DrinkBritain stalwarts Tom Oliver and Simon Day are pictured – and we get introduced to literally dozens of ciders and perries to try.

Along the way, we encounter still and sparkling drinks, traditional and more commercial ones, ice ciders, cider brandies – even pommeau, an aperitif-style mix of apple juice and cider brandy. Pete and Bill uncover ciders and perries from lesser know corners of the orchard world. Denmark, Poland, China and Japen, even one from Russia.

Innit to win it

And I’m thrilled to be able to have one copy of World’s Best Cider to offer. Head to our competition page for your chance to win.

Pete begins the book with the phrase “Cider is the world’s most misunderstood drink”. Now that this book is published, it soon won’t be.

Details & authors 

World’s Best Cider – taste, tradition and terroir, from Somerset to Seattle, £25, Jaqui Small Publishing,

Available all good book stores, & Amazon

Pete Brown can be found at @PeteBrownBeer and via his blog

Bill Bradshaw has been documenting cider since 2004. Follow his passion at @IamCider and his blog

PS I hope they launch an award for Cider books. And the artistry of cider. Who do we speak to about that?