St Austell Trelawny

This ale has an interesting hops tale to boot. It might not say it on the packaging quite yet but one of the hop varieties to make it into the bottle is Endeavour – the spicy, citrusy newcomer to the British hops scene, so far only grown in one place (Stocks Farm in Worcestershire). 

St Austell TrelawnyAs brewing director at St Austell, Roger Ryman, points out, the full hop list for Trelawny is Goldings, Progress, Endeavour and Galaxy. However, as supply of Endeavour is limited to date, the proportion is quite low.

Roger's especially excited about the “distinctive pear notes with English hop drinkability” that our newbie gives, and hopes to increase the amount of Endeavour that they’re able to use as the supply situation improves. Great news for all, I think you’ll agree (especially after you’ve tasted it).

Anyway, despite the fact that there’s only a trace of Endeavour in Trelawny at the moment, we’re convinced that we’re enjoying those distinctive pear notes, all part and parcel of this beer’s citrusy/soapy rich bouquet.

This is not the first "local" ingredient Roger has championed. He worked with local farmers to develop the barley he uses for his beers and lagers, including the likes of Korev lager.

But back to the beer in our glass. On the palate it’s bitter, with some roasted but also smoky notes, a light malty flavour and medium bitterness on the finish. A great year-round tipple that would work especially well with a Ploughman’s, its relatively low alcohol level making it a perfectly acceptable accompaniment to this lunchtime choice.

Available in St Austell pubs and a number of other fine hostelries; £19.95/12 x 500ml; 3.8%; available from various stockists nationwide, and from St Austell's online shop