Wychwood Ginger Beard

Have to admit, I love ginger beer. Not the sickly sweet ones. Those that prickle the back of the nose with a invigorating fieriness. 

Wychwood Ginger BeardBut I'd never really given much thought to drinking them with food. Then yesterday I saw the light. We were matching Sriram Aylur's delectable canapés at Quilon with a range of fruit and ginger beers, and to my mind – and several others too – Ginger Beard proved a pretty versatile tipple.

As a drink, you can tell that the beer comes first – unlike many other imposters – with the ginger coming through on the palate. While it waltzed seemlessly with chargrilled scallops, each letting the other show their best steps, it positively tangoed with the Lotus Stem Chop, the natural gingeriness matching and amplifying the spiciness of the heat of the canapé.

There were others who thought vnison and ginger were the ideal match, but I stuck with my seafood and veggie options. See what you think.

4.2%, RRP: £1.75, 50ml; Morrisons, Asda, Sainsburys, Ocado