Wright's Original Dark Ginger

It might seem like ginger is the latest craze to hit our flavour-hungry palates. Well Wrights Original could claim to be the daddy of them all, with its Dark Ginger created from a traditional recipe dating back to the 19th century.

Wrights Original Dark Ginger

It's got a fab lick of spicy ginger and is unashamedly sweet. My tip therefore is to add a generous squeeze of lime and enjoy over ice. Or follow the creators' suggestion and add a splash of soda or sparkling water.

I'm sure it'll graze many a rum cocktail, but I'm in January-healthy-mode, so I won't be going there. Warming it certainly works - its inherent spicing lends itself superbly to this.

The Wrights have upped sticks from their native Tyne and relocated to sunny Surrey, from where they have recently launched a zesty Lemon Sherbert, and Very Cherry, inspired by the youngest member of the family's love of the purple fruit.

Find at Farm Shops around Surrey and in selected National Trust properties