Shepherd Neame Spooks Ale

Shepherd Neame - SpooksAs the witching hour on All Hallows Eve approaches and the wind whips up a storm outside, what better time to taste test Shepherd Neame's Spooks Ale?

Modestly titled The Official Ghost Brew for All Hallows with the warning Drink if you Dare writ large, this is as enjoyable as it is fun. Made from three different malts, the reddish hued digestive-biscuit palate is balanced with a light citrus lift.

It turns out that Shepherd Neame's historic brewery might have seen a few ghosts in its own right – they are awaiting a report from paranormal investigators at the moment, and it's a brave member of staff that ventures into Annie's Room at the top of the brewery.

Enjoy on its own or with a slice of cheese, or a few frogs legs – or should that be toad's gizards? But shut the window first and bolt those doors...

Available: over 40 Shepherd Neame pubs; 4.7%, 50cl, c. £2, Asda, Morrisons, Shepherd Neame online shop