Harveys Georgian Dragon

Living up to its Ruby Ale description, Harveys Georgian Dragon is delightfully bright in the glass, offering aromas of apricots and ripe peaches, followed through by light caramel notes and a medium hoppy bitterness on the finish.

I’d call this versatile in food terms – it went equally well with shepherd’s pie and roast salmon and potato salads in our case.

And I love the story behind this brew. I didn’t know maestro brewer Miles Jenner was a keen palaentologist too, but this beer is brewed to commemorate the 1821 discovery of the Iguanodon by Gideon Mantell. Mantell hailed from Harvey & Son’s home town of Lewes and was both doctor and fossil collector. He unearthed some fossilised Iguanodon teeth in a Sussex quarry, a find which started both the classification of prehistoric reptiles, and apparently became the foundation of Charles Darwin’s groundbreaking work  a generation later. So here we've got history, biology and geology in a glass. Cheers!

£1.11/275ml; £1.87/500ml; available from Harveys' shops in Midhurst and Lewes and online. But don't delay – it's a seasonal beer, so once it's gone it's gone!