Sacred Spirits - Traditional & Contemporary Collection

For those who fancy creating their own blend of gin, Sacred Spirit brings you its Traditional and Contemporary Collections of distillates.

Sacred Spirits Traditional CollectionWith six 20cl bottles, you really can mix your own.  Each collection includes juniper – of course – but then you can choose between the Traditional mix, with its more earthy, musky classics, cardamom, licorice, coriander, angelica and a citrus blend.

Or, as we did, go for the Contemporary Collection, with its modern “exotics”, star anise and cassia, alongside pink grapefruit for citrus with a twist, plus orris root and nutmeg.

Hours of fun, I'd wager!

c £90+P&P from the distillery; last ordering day: 20/21st Dec for Christmas; Selfridge’s, Gerry’s Wines & Spirits, The Sampler, Vagabond of Fulham,