Meantime London Lager

London Lager on tourThe first  beer to emerge from Meantime’s brand spanking new Greenwich brewery made its debut by going on tour. Hailing a ride in a specially-suited London cab, London Lager travelled the length and breadth of London, towing a similarly-liveried caravan full of said bottles.

Head brewer and Meantime founder Alastair Hook has always been passionate about London’s pivotal role in the history of brewing. His new micro-brewery, The Old Brewery, includes a fascinating historical timeline around the bistro walls.

Back at brewing HQ, as with all good European lagers, Hook has stayed close to home for his ingredients, using locally-grown malt – from East Anglia – and hops – from Kent. Equally importantly, he's left the new-born lager to mature for six weeks before letting it out into the world.

The taste? Refreshing, clean, with more depth than other lagers – due to that extra ageing –  there's a good light texture and a hint of  bitterness on the finish. This is good solo but also great with fish and chips, roast pumpkin and other medium-flavoured dishes.