London Glider Ciders - medium dry & dry

Glider CiderThe people at London Glider Ciders – there are a mere three of them, plus a bank of kindly volunteers – make their cider from fruit, mostly unwanted stuff, which they pick from London suburb Woodford Green’s local urban and suburban gardens.

Thanks to the nature of the fruit gathering process, there’s no single variety involved in these ciders – they tend to be a general mix of dessert apples and cooking apples. (They did, however, keep the crab apples separate to use in a 25% combo with the basic dry cider for a limited edition crab apple cider earlier this year.)No cider apples mean very little tannin with these two bottles.

First up, the medium dry: this is pale yellow in colour with some sediment and a really pleasing effervescence thanks to some bottle aging. Light, delicate and subtle, it really doesn’t drink like a 7% cider, and has a gentle finish.  Unsurprisingly, it’s not terribly fruit forward but it has a lovely dry astringency, is very refreshing and cuts through a mellow buttery cheese tremendously.

The dry cider starts with a dry sparkle and is light to medium bodied. Similarly delicate and subtle with a pleasant astringency, this cider would work excellently with creamy pasta dishes.

This year – 2012 – was the London Glider Company’s first commercial year, so watch this space.

£3/500ml; 7%; this was available from several London delis (see website) and available to order directly through 020 85043207; However at the time of writing stock has run out for 2012. More for 2013…