Kamm & Sons Ginseng Spirit

Bitters are very much in vogue. Their distillation of myriad specially chosen botanicals into a liquid that can transform a drink, soft, spiritual or otherwise, with just a splash, are finally being appreciated.Kamm & Sons

This little brown bottle, which looks decidedly antiquated and medicinal, contains some home-grown bitters crafted by enterprising bartender and drinks consultant Alex Kammerling.

Previously of London’s 69 Colebrooke Row, that hotspot of cocktail creativity, Alex has been devising this recipe in his north London flat for some time now – around five years I believe! The end result is a liquid that’s been infused with over 45 botanicals, and is an aromatic and complex as you might imagine.


Golden in colour, it has a strongly spiced anise and juniper nose followed by a rich, sweet palate with bags of herbs and some honey. Finally, it packs a bitter punch on the finish. Thanks to a citrussy grapefruit kick it’s balanced enough to be delicious served on ice, while a great simple serve would be the addition of bitter lemon.


Using a base grain spirit from Scotland, Kamm & Sons is made in the same way as gin – botanicals are macerated in neutral spirit for 72 hours and then distilled in a small pot still to extract all the aromatics.

An interesting aside: not only is Kamm & Sons created in London, that pleasingly chunky brown bottle comes from the UK too, which is oddly rare these days.

Kamm & Sons RRP is £17.95 (33%abv) is available from: Selfridges, Gerry’s (Old Compton St.) Soho Wines, The Whisky Exchange(Vinopolis) The Drink Shop, The Whisky Exchange and Amathus Drinks.