Brewsters Chocolate Cyn

A queue quickly formed at the Tap East bar in Stratford on Tuesday night after a pint glass had been tapped to announce the much-anticipated unveiling of Chocolate Cyn, the result of an all female brewing collaboration between Sara Barton of Brewsters Brewing Company in Grantham and three beer writers.

The inaugural bBrewsters Chcolate Cynrewsters – Marverine Cole (Beer Beauty), Jane Peyton (School of Booze) and Shea Luke (Real Ale Girl) teamed together with seasoned professional Sara at her brewery in January, where they concocted their mash with Fair Trade chocolate from Divine and a sprinkling of cinnamon.

When brewing the beer Sara found that the addition of cinnamon was the trickiest thing,  ‘We put some in the mash but it all evaporated, so we decided to put the second lot in the fermenter. Essentially we dry hopped it and dry cinnamoned it so that nothing interfered with the fermentation.’ However, despite a little concern over how the cinnamon would express itself, she was delighted with the outcome as she was sampling her first half pint, saying ‘When it was first in the fermenter in was a bit raw, but all the flavours have mellowed together beautifully’.Brewsters Cyn

A 4.8% spicy porter, Chocolate Cyn is dark, smooth and bitter upfront with a lovely long finish thanks to the natural sweetness of the cinnamon, something which only kicks in at the end.

Crafted by female hands and minds it may be, but there's certainly no patronising hint of girliness about this brew. As Marverine said, ‘We certainly didn’t set out to make a beer that was only for women. What we wanted was a session beer, and that’s what this is, it slips down very easily indeed. None of the flavours are too extreme. In fact, I can’t put it down!

Indeed, it seemed that everyone in the bar was having a similar reaction to Chocolate Cyn…

Chocolate Cyn is now on sale at Tap East, and will be available in three Fuller’s pubs by next week: Artillery Arms near the Barbican, Mad Bishop & Bear at Paddington Station and The Victoria in Bayswater.