Glenfiddich 15 Year Old Solera Reserve

glenfiddich 15 Year Old bottle and glassMellow and gentle, the 'Fiddich 15 could easily persuade you that it's a sofa dram, a whisky for when you want to switch off.

But sit up and take a deeper sniff and the whisky starts to reveal all sorts of sophisticated flavours – this is a complex malt which offers pleasure on several levels.

Behind the initial soft sweet fudge and green fruit there is a layer of dried fruit, something leafy, and a wee thread of smoke. 

To taste it is sweet and easy, but again there are other flavours to be found. A splash of water really brings out the characteristic Glenfiddich pears, and adds spiciness.

The complex yet mellow nature of the 15 Year Old comes from the maturation process it undergoes.  Whisky which has been separately matured in three kinds of wood is brought together in a huge marrying tun which is never completely emptied, so maintaining a consistency of character from batch to batch, from bottle to bottle.

The different cask types contribute contrasting flavour notes, giving a rounded whisky with a wide spectrum of aromas and flavours, and the marrying process – like the Sherry Solera system for which the whisky is named – smooths all these flavours together into a harmonious whole. 

40%/70cl, around £40, widely available.