West St Mungo Lager

St Mungo LagerNamed after Glasgow's local patron saint – and a brewer himself – in typical WEST style, this packs more flavour in than you might think while still sticking to all-important German 16th-century beer purity laws.

The sub-title – pure heavenly – seems appropriate. This is refreshing, with a light bitterness on the finish, plus enough flavour to go well with food.

We had it with smoked salmon and Bavarian garlic sausage when we visited WEST's wonderful beer hall in the enchanting Templeton Building. In fact, just writing that makes me think, I'll have to return. But in the meantime, I'll stock up on this and other WEST brews, such as its five-malt Dunkel... but more on that one later. 

4.9%, available from a number of outlets including the brewery