Knops Musselburgh Broke

From a wee Edinburgh brewing company, this is a traditional Scottish ale, brewed with an eye to older styles of beer rather than the currently trendy hop monsters.

Knops Musselburgh Broke beer bottle

Knops use four different malts in brewing Musselburgh Broke, which is named for the racecourse at Musselburgh, just east of Edinburgh.

The nose is gentle and malty, with a toffee note and a thread of smoke. There are hops in the mix too, but in the background, and definitely not flowery.

The palate offers a creamy texture and a background of toffee with a little mocha coffee. The finish reminds me of salty caramels. Malty and balanced, it has a rounded character which makes for a very smooth glass of beer.

33cl/4.5%, £2.10 from Edinburgh branches of Oddbins; see brewery site for further stockists.