Melville's Craft Lager - Raspberry & Strawberry

Vibrant red, with a substantial head, Melville’s raspberry lager is bursting with concentrated Scottish berry aromas with lots of maltiness to support it. Made by those talented chaps at Innis & Gunn, real lager flavours come through on the palate, and the full-bodied texture is very pleasant.

Melville's Strawberry & Raspberry LagerThis could easily be deemed a raspberry equivalent of a lager shandy, and is a far cry from some of the simpler fruit flavoured fermented beers and ciders on the market at the moment.

A deep orangey-rose pink colour, the strawberry rendition of this berry lager is far lighter than the raspberry. With plenty of natural sweetness upfront, it’s immediately appealing on the nose but slightly less complex than its raspberry brother. No wonder it won the Best Fruit Beer category at the World Beer Awards.

It’s suggested on the label that both are served with ice – although that's fun, in our opinion, it would be a crying shame to do such a thing and thus lose much of those aromas.

4.1%; available from Sainsbury’s in Scotland and Tesco; £1.73/275ml; also from the online Innis & Gunn shop; £19/12x275ml