Isle of Arran 10 Year Old

This is Arran's standard offering, and a very attractive one it is too!

The nose is rounded and full, with broad malty notes and a streak of mint which runs through all the other Arran malts. If you leave it to rest for a few minutes, these aromas are joined by lemon and something savoury, like the salty edge of soy sauce.

The palate is slightly oily, and you can taste the malt and mint from the nose as well as a lemony toffee flavour. The soy sauce aroma is transformed into a flavour of some spicy herb – Thai basil seems the nearest comparison.

Altogether a lovely whisky, with a nice sweet / savoury balance which makes it a great candidate for the dinner table. Think shrimps or smoked tofu in a sweet and sour sauce, for example.