Bushmills 10 Year Old

Bushmills 10 Year OldThe essence of Irish whiskey is the smooth texture, which comes from the triple distillation process. Bushmills 10 is a fine example; the rough edges, the fiery finish which you might find after just two distillations has been rounded and softened, giving a malt which is all too easy to drink.The nose is super-sweet, a swirl of honey, nougat, and honeycomb, with a light seasoning of coconut and floral perfume coming from the casks it has matured in.

To taste, it is syrup sweet, a comforting honey flavour which coats your tongue and slips gently away without a fuss, leaving a gently warming afterglow.

Bushmills dates its original Licence to Distill back to 1608 – more than enough time to perfect the art of making soft, mellow whisky. Try serving it straight from the freezer alongside a square of dark chocolate.

£27/70cl; The Whisky Exchange, Master of Malt, Royal Mile Whiskies, Waitrose, and other selected retailers.