Hallets Real Cider

This is a solid simple cider from the people at Blaengawney Farm and it's little wonder that it's built up a firm following (it's been given its very own Hallets Real Cider website independent of its producer).

A rich amber liquid, - which incidentally perfectly matches its brown bottle - Hallets has a concentrated sweet Copella nose that leaps invitingly from the bottle. It's described as medium, but it's certainly on the sweeter side of the category, however a subtle pithy aftertaste and blast of acidity gives it some bite and makes for a well-rounded, well-structured cider.  The bottle carries the statement that it's 'beautifully simple' and indeed it is, but this declaration should in no way undermine the cider's perfect balance. Really lovely stuff. 

It's made using both the traditional fermentation method, plus the addition of juice fermented using a rarely applied method called Keeving. The latter method produces a sweet rich juice, which is then blended with the traditionally fermented juice - a technique which ensures a long slow fermentation. 

6%/500ml/RRP £3.36. Available from Blaengawney Farm, a number of local pubs and restaurants in South Wales and online from www.realbeerbox.com