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Our selection of the new and the notable from the best British drinks producers.
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King's Ginger Mulled Punch

It may not get made on these shores, but it was created for one of our monarchs by his "local", Berry Bros & Rudd. The Royal Physician had put in a request for something enlivening for King Edward VII as he dashed about town in his new “horseless carriage”, a Daimler.

Seriously gingery, there’s a zest and  a bite to this liqueur. Out of the many cocktail manifestations, my favourite is brand ambassador Scott Wallace’s own creation. It takes a bit of time, but then don’t all good things?

Somerset Hamper

The ultimate present for the passionate apple lover has to be a Somerset Hamper from Julian Temperley at Somerset Distillery on Burrow Hill Farm.

With elegant sparkling cider, his ground-breaking complex brandies, the delightful Pomona – a blend of brandy and apple juice to sip á la sherry – plus many other goodies, including brandy orange mamalade and Hix Fix – a delectable little jar of cherries steeped in eaux de vie Julian makes for restaurateur Mark Hix.

Farmhouse Chutney with St Peter’s Best Bitter

A tasty addition to the Suffolk Mud range, this chutney contains 11% of St Peters Best Bitter, the addition of which gives an otherwise light and fruity condiment some meaty depth and a lasting finish. Plump sultanas, sweet onions, apricots and yellow mustard seeds are all bundled into this jar, along with some hints of Christmassy spice.

A nicely balanced chutney that can be trusted not to steal the limelight from a good wedge of cheddar. It would also sit comfortably with cold meats and pies.

Wholegrain Mustard with St Peter’s Honey Porter

Made with 15% St Peter’s Honey Porter, this Suffolk Mud wholegrain mustard is a fine example of the classic flavour combination. Aromatic, packed with coarse grains, and underpinned with a mild heat, it is a versatile mustard that can and should be spread thickly at will - in sausage sandwiches, on cheese, and in burgers.

Thinned down with some oil and vinegar it would also serve as a superb salad dressing.

Bramley Apple Sauce with Aspall Cyder

Made with 5% of Suffolk's celebrated Aspall cyder, this is a traditional, semi-smooth, apple sauce with fine pieces of Bramley apple in a sweet, moreish sauce. A subtle cider kick provides some perfectly balanced acidity.

An obvious choice with a piece of pork, or a sausage. But once you've opened the jar, don't be surprised if you find yourself spooning it on toast, or over your ice cream!

Suffolk Mud Cyder & Horseradish Mustard

This offering from Stokes Sauces ingeniously combines horseradish and mustard with some Suffolk’s Aspall Cyder, a company who sources the majority of its apples from local Suffolk orchards.