Whitley Neill Gin

Created by Johnny Neill whose family has been in the gin business for four generations, the botanical mix in Whitley Neill is both deft and delicate, with a nod towards the South African homeland of Nikki, Johnny’s wife’s.

Whitley Neill gin

Scooping the International Wine & Spirit Competition’s Gin Trophy this year, alongside the expected juniper berries, it's Cape Gooseberry – aka physalis – and the fruit from the Baobab tree – aka the Tree of Life – that join half-a-dozen other botanicals. The Cape Gooseberries enhance the lemon and orange peel notes, as does the Baobab pulp, so expect a citrus lift.

Johnny's tip on a great way to enjoy it? In a gin and tonic, with Cape Gooseberries instead of your customary lemon slice. Don't mind if I do.

5% of profits go to Tree Aid, a charity dedicated to helping villagers in South Africa make the most of their natural resources, in particular trees.

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