Here's something that little bit different.

lullDeliberately designed to be healthy, Lull is super-charged with natural botanicals, from lavender to green tea, lemon balm to fennel, plus – of course – the hint of hops, and some anti-oxidant fruits.

It's a subtle one this one, with hints of warm summer fruit rubbing alongside gentle florals and the essence of herbs. Find out more about the fab properties of each here.

The first creation of new drinks entrepreneur Claire Lettice, although it's only the hops that come originally from the UK, all the botanicals are produced in Herefordshire.

"My first run was produced over in Europe," Claire tells me. "I couldn't find a British company that would fill the volume that I wanted."

What a shame. Let's hope that changes in the future.

available Fortnum & Mason, online at Lull: 2x25cl, inc P&P: £7.50 – & France