Port and a Storm

Talisker fan James Forbes heads to Opium, a Chinatown speakeasy to meet two new members of the family, Storm and Port Ruighe in the company of Diageo’s Global Scotch Whisky Ambassador, Donald Colville

Less a tasting, more a “sensory experience”  – burning peat, brine and dry ice sea fog effects, glasses filled with coffee, pepper, vanilla and strawberries – were all on hand and Donald used these to prompt the mood and flavours of the whisky we were tasting...

Tamdhu Ten Year Old

With its distinctive retro bottle shape the newly re-launched Tamdhu Ten Year Old certainly stands out. And the liquid contained within is a lovely drop, in the classic Speyside style.

40% / 70cl, £35, Waitrose and specialist retailers.

Talisker Storm

The latest release from Talisker distillery, Storm turns up the smoke and adds a touch more sherry to the mix.

45.8% / 70cl, £40, Royal Mile Whiskies and other specialist retailers.

Ardbeg Ten Year Old

A big bold sea-breeze of a whisky, Ardbeg 10 fills your head with sweet smoke and wakes you up with a powerful, warming finish.

A great dram for the hipflask on a long walk in wild weather.

46% / 70cl, about £40, widely available

Bushmills Live 2013

19 June 2013 - 20 June 2013

Bushmills Live, the two day festival of all things folk rock and whiskey hosted by The Bushmills distillery, will take place over June 19-20, and headlining the event will be indie folk rockers Of Monsters and Men.

All the performances will all take place at the Distillery itself, providing a setting of whiskey casks and pot stills in which to enjoy the music and a dram or two.

Lagavulin 16 Year Old

Heavy, even oily, and powerfully peated, Lagavulin 16 Year Old is a whisky which attracts devoted followers. The robust palate and long woodsmoke finish makes it a great cold weather dram.

In the past, before single malts became widely popular, Lagavulin was an important part of the White Horse blend, but these days it is prized more for its own unique flavours.

43%/70cl, around £47, widely available.